Ernesto Comodo

Ernesto Comodo

Ernesto is 50% Brazilian and 50% Chilean; has lived in Havana, Cuba; São Paulo, Brazil; San Francisco, CA and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA; as the creative director for 907K Marketing.

One of Ernesto’s mission is to develop healthy businesses and bring responsible ethical businesses into South Central LA and other disadvantage communities through out the US and Latin America. He currently works with neighborhood council’s in Los Angeles Council District 9 and 10, he’s an active member of the LA South Chamber of Commerce as an Executive Board Member and Marketing Director.

Ernesto has a BFA in Communication Arts from one of the top design schools in the world; Otis College of Art & Design, he has extensive knowledge in design, marketing, client, budgeting and management. He is also a fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese speaker.

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