About Us

We are a Marketing Agency dedicated to the growth of our clients

907K Marketing is a boutique agency located in South Los Angeles focusing on uplifting & empowering small businesses and non-profit entities throughout United States and Latin America.

Our goal with each of our clients, is to move them from being a Small Business to a Small Giant within their respective niche.

Our Story

907K Marketing was formed in 2014 after the principal Ernesto Comodo noticed a lack of professional marketing services and resources to empower the entrepreneur in his community. Small local business owners where left with two options; Option 1–  hire an expensive large marketing, design and/or advertising agency which does not care about their community and not take them seriously or Option 2 – have a family member or friend with no design and/or marketing background to work on their marketing, graphic design and/or advertising for extremely cheap rates; but the work would either take forever, be incomplete and/or unprofessional.

At 907K Marketing we made it clear to focus on client goals and not just a fix to a short-term problem. No matter why the client reaches out to us, our first questions is always why are you in business? What are your goals? A lot of times a client does not have clarity on what this is and that’s ok. We have proven methods to help them identify what these are. 907K Marketing makes sure our clients have a plan on how they are going to achieve their goals. It can be short term goals or goals that could take years to achieve but we need to make sure there is a focus. 

Within the culture of 907K Marketing we work to empower our team and clients, so they also understand certain marketing concepts and why they need to do certain things.

Every client is at different levels some need more hand holding than others but at the end our goal is to help them become Small Giants within their niche. 

Our Beginnings

Ernesto graduated in 2002 with a BFA in Fine Arts from Otis College of Art and Design and soon after, started working as a junior designer for a boutique web design agency of one of his former professors. Working at a small agency, he was involved in all aspects of the agency learning the business part of running a design agency, such as managing projects, clients, and pricing. 

With that knowledge, Ernesto opened his own design studio in 2003 Rapadura Design sharing a small office space in Playa Del Rey, CA with a colleague from college. Here Ernesto started to venture into print, working for a monthly financial equities’ magazine, a bi-monthly Brazilian publication, various jobs for other advertising agencies around Los Angeles and many startups and small businesses at the core of the firm.

The freedom of being a business owner was great, but it was a struggle working with Small Business owners, as they would come for projects such as a logo design or a web site and a year later the client would be out of business. A lot of great work had been done for these companies but was frustrating seeing these companies no longer in business.

Ernesto had to figure out a better way to help his clients and the answer was “Marketing”. These businesses were missing the fundamentals of being an entrepreneur from creating a business plan, marketing strategy and budgeting. To better serve his clients, Ernesto had to re-invent himself; he had to get re-educated by reading marketing books and taking a marketing courses.With this transformation a new company emerged in 2014 called 907K Fashion Marketing, hence majority of his clients at the time where in the fashion industry but within 1 year the name was adjusted to 907K Marketing to encompass all industries.

Our Clients

Some of our current and past clients include LA South Chamber of Commerce, UCLA, YMI Jeanswear, Fabrizio Gianni, Arts District Los Angeles BID, Blue Roof Studios, GigSky, Charter Communications, and Laser Care.  

Through in-depth research and analysis translated into effective marketing strategies, we’ve been able to end sales droughts and help many struggling businesses entrepreneurs get back on their feet. Our most profound sense of accomplishment comes from knowing that we’ve been able to help our clients go from where they are to where they want to be. 

Excellent customer service is our watchword. We are always willing to go above and beyond to see our clients grow and succeed, that’s our passion.

Building the Team

Soon after the launch of 907K Marketing Ernesto knew to be successful he would need a solid team; so, within a few months of opening Ernesto reached out to an individual he met during a Google Ads course in San Diego; George McKinley. George had a lot of knowledge in the developer world from the early days to the current trends introducing Ernesto to WordPress which is now the main platform used for the 907K Marketing and its clients. He ended up joining the 907K Marketing team as an offsite and app developer. 

Through the same network of friends and colleagues Hassan Bash called out to Ernesto for some assistance on his clients Google ads account. 907K assisted with his client’s needs but more importantly was the relationship they built. Both where able to relate with business concepts and had similar mentors on helping small business owners. Hassan, introducing Ernesto to Simon Sinek whom he now follows all the time and Ernesto introducing Hassan to Chris Do. Hassan has been a great complement to the team, and currently helps in supporting clients Social Media accounts. 

The last of our core team members is our Spanish translator Ximena Ruiz. As we started committing to serving our local community in South Los Angeles where over 50% of population primary language is Spanish, we knew we needed to provide our services in Spanish. Ximena Ruiz with a Masters in Spanish from UC Berkeley and being the half-sister of Ernesto just made the perfect fit for the team.

Our Team

Our team consists only of a few hand-picked, and proven experienced experts. You can rest assured you’re in the best of hands.

Ernesto Comodo |
Creative Director
George McKinley - Web Developer
George McKinley |
Developer. Mobile
Hassan Bash - social media
Hassan Bash |
Social Media Guru
Ximena Ruiz
Ximena Ruiz |
Spanish Translator

Our Partners

In order to give our clients the best possible solutions we have partnered with a few selected companies such as: