Changing Your Marketing Strategy

Pivoting Marketing Strategy

In  business, the concept of pivoting your marketing strategy isn’t just an option; it’s an imperative for the longevity of your business. As I’ve explored in previous blogs the importance to start with a goal, purpose, your WHY, it becomes clear that this foundational question doesn’t just apply to the inception of a business. It’s equally vital when considering the evolution of your business and marketing strategy.

Understanding the ‘Why’ of Your Pivot

The first step in any pivot is not to look outward at the changing market conditions but inward at your own organization’s ‘Why’. This is the purpose, cause, or belief that provides the bedrock for your actions. Why does your organization exist beyond making a profit? When you pivot your marketing strategy, it must deepen and extend the expression of this ‘Why’, connecting with people on a level that goes beyond transactions to create genuine relationships.

Responding to the Infinite Game

Motivational speaker Simon Sinek coined the term “Infinite Game” in his 2019 book. In business, we’re not playing a finite game with clear winners and losers; we’re engaged in an infinite game where the goal is to perpetuate the game itself. This perspective necessitates a pivot in strategy when the existing trajectory of your marketing no longer aligns with the infinite game you’re playing. The changes in your approach should not be reactive but rather reflective of a long-term vision for your place in the market and your impact on the world.

The Courage to Lead

Pivoting requires courage. It’s about making decisions not based on what’s directly ahead but on the distant horizon. As leaders, we must have the courage to admit when our current path is not leading us towards our ‘Why’, and the boldness to change course. This doesn’t mean abandoning our core beliefs but rather finding new and innovative ways to express and act upon them.

Building Trust Through Consistency

Trust is built on consistency, and a pivot doesn’t mean inconsistency. On the contrary, when done correctly, a pivot in your marketing strategy is a profound demonstration of your unwavering commitment to your ‘Why’. It shows that you’re attentive to the changing world around you and adaptable in how you bring your purpose to life. This adaptability, when rooted in your ‘Why’, strengthens the trust between you and your stakeholders.

Creating a Movement

Ultimately, the goal of any marketing strategy, is to create a movement of people who believe what you believe. It’s about attracting those who are drawn not just to a product or a service, but to a cause. When you pivot with clarity of purpose, you’re not just adjusting a strategy; you’re leading a charge towards something bigger than yourself.

In conclusion, pivoting your marketing strategy is a nuanced journey that goes beyond superficial changes in tactics or messaging. It’s a deep, strategic realignment that must always start with ‘Why’. As we navigate the infinite game of business, our agility in responding to the world’s changes – while steadfastly holding to our core purpose – will define our capacity to inspire, lead, and create lasting impact. This is not just how you pivot; it’s why you pivot. And in that distinction lies the heart of truly transformative leadership.