Let's Get Down To Business

AI,  Automation & Strategy

Join us for a 16 week program Let’s Get Down to Business. Built to empower entrepreneurs with marketing strategy concepts and tools such as  AI, Automation and Optimization.

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Ernesto Comodo

Let’s get down, to business; for 16 weeks meet weekly 1 on 1 with 907K Marketing creative director Ernesto Comodo a  20+ year veteran in both design and marketing, who will provide 3rd party unbiased feedback and a fresh perspective to your business.. He will create and implement a marketing strategy catered to your specific needs and follow the plan week after week to the path of achieving 2X, 10X your current revenue.

Inaugural price of just $500 / month (valued at $2,500/ month)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why 16 weeks?
Why Should I invest in this program?
What is the Prerequisite to be in this program?
When does class begin?
What will I do every week?

Why 16 weeks?

In marketing, consistency is the key. Our experience is that entrepreneurs give up too soon and/or do not do enough marketing to start seeing an impact. In human psychology, especially for larger ticket items a customer must trust and like you before engaging with you. To build trust takes time, it takes multiple exposures with different content and different formats. It also must be something memorable and of good taste to your target audience.

We want to be immersed with your company for at least 16 weeks (4 months). We need to understand your challenges and have the opportunity to gather data on our strategies to make adjustments and optimizations to make sure you are successful long term. The first 4 weeks will be to really understand your business and create the best marketing strategy built for you. We will then have 12 weeks (3 months) to gather data,  make adjustments and optimize the strategy.

Why should I invest in this program?

  • You will receive 3rd party unbiased feedback and fresh perspective
  • You will learn and implement proven streamline systems
  • Your business will scale at a faster rate
  • It will be cheaper than hiring full time marketing staff
  • You will learn marketing strategies and new technology
  • It will drastically decrease your ad spent
  • Marketing strategy will promote your long-term profitability and sustainability

This investment will give you the tools that will pay for itself many times over. 

Inaugural price of just $500 / month (valued at $2,500/ month)
Take advantage of this special offer before the price increase. Register Now


  • Business must make $60K+ per year
  • Must be in business at least 2 years
  • Must be available to meet once (1) per week via zoom
  • Must be willing to communicate through Slack (do not worry if you are unfamiliar, we will go over it on first zoom meeting)

When Does Class Begin?

We work on your schedule. All you need is to be committed 45 minutes once per week for 16 weeks. You pick the day and time that is more convenient to you. During course if you need to change meeting; let us know at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule.

What Does Every Week Look Like?

Week 1Discovery Call / Website and Marketing Audit
Week 2Marketing Strategy
Week 3Create KPI’s / Marketing Strategy Adjustments
Week 4First Campaign Live
Week 5-7Monthly Report / Adjustments
Week 8Monthly Report / Campaign 1 Month 2
Week 9-11Monthly Report / Adjustments
Week 12-15Campaign 1 changes
Week 16Final Exit Meeting, Reports and Tools to continue